Dayna Muldoon Ministries

Dayna Muldoon Ministries

Reverend Dayna Muldoon is a Co-Pastor, Evangelist, Singer and Songwriter. Her love for the Gospel began at the tender age of three, when her family arrived in New York, from Grand Junction, Colorado. Young Dayna would lead the song service, as her mother played the organ and her father prepared to preach.

Her parents, Pastor Gene and Sister Glenda Profeta met while attending Miracle Valley Bible School in Arizona. Together they founded the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Massapequa, NY. This gave their daughter Dayna the opportunity to see untold thousands won to the kingdom of God, and brought forth a great desire in her heart that would lead to her ministry today.

One night, at the age of fifteen as she was praying in her room, Pastor Dayna poured out her heart to God and asked for direction in her life. It was at this moment that she had a visitation from the Lord. From that day forward, she knew that God had called her to preach His Gospel.

At the age of nineteen, she became an ordained minister and began her ministry as Co-Pastor and Evangelist. The Lord uses Pastor Dayna as a Prophetess who is keen and sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Some say she is the Psalmist of the latter days. Many have been healed of terminal illness, delivered from spiritual bondage and financial burdens as she brings forth the uncompromising message of the Gospel in word and song.

Reverend Dayna Muldoon and her husband James reside in Long Island, NY along with their two sons. God has blessed her with a balance of ministry and family. She is a firm believer in her motto:

"The Family that walks with God ALWAYS gets to its destination!"

Dayna Muldoon Ministries
P.O. BOX 48349
Tampa, FL 33646

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