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  • Chill Skinz

    These cooling towels use a brand new pantent pending technology that drops it's temperature 20 degrees when activated. Perfect for the hot weather here!
    100 points
  • LCD TV

    Who hasn't thought about how nice a portable TV for the patio, kitchen, or tail-gating setup would be? This 15" LCD TV has a built-in digital tuner so it can broadcast your favorite games in crisp HD.
    4200 points
  • Android Tablet

    Games, Internet, and Movies in the palm of your hands with this black Android Tablet. 7 inch screen with 4 GB internal memory, microSD slot, HDMI with dozens of built in apps
    3200 points
  • Portable LCD TV

    Watch digital, free over the air TV with this handheld LCD TV. Features a 4.3" digital LCD screen as well as an FM radio and SD/MMC Card Slot.
    3000 points
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    It's never been easier to get more sound from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. Just pair, connect, set it down...and enjoy! You can even charge up your device while you're listening.
    2000 points
  • Wrath of the Titans DVD

    We found a few unopened, brand new DVD movies in our promotions closet here at CW17. These forgotten prizes are now yours to be claimed!
    100 points
  • Final Destination 5 DVD

    We found a few unopened, brand new DVD movies in our promotions closet here at CW17. These forgotten prizes are now yours to be claimed!
    100 points
  • Supernatural Season 6 Blu-Ray

    Supernatural Fans, if you don't have a Season 6 in your collection, here it is in Blu-Ray HD format
    250 points
  • Star Wars Commander Bly 12" Figure

    This 12" Stars War Figure of Commander Bly is sure to be a collector's item. It's already going for close to $200 on Amazon. But if you're a huge Star Wars Fan or Collector can get one here without spending a dime, just by building up your Dot Biz Reward Points!
    2000 points
  • Star Wars Figurine, IG-88 Droid

    This figurine of the IG-88 Assassin Droid is superbly detailed and looks like it could come alive at any moment. Standing 12" tall this is not toy but a Collector's item for serious fans.
    2000 points
  • Star Wars Old Republic Encyclopedia

    Fans of The Old Republic universe will love this beautifully illustrated hard cover Encyclopedia. Created in full collaboration with LucasArts, this in-depth companion covers the spectrum of characters, weapons, vehicles, events, and planets of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    500 points
  • Star Wars Old Republic PC Game

    Escape into the Star Wars Universe with this massively multiplayer online game from BioWare. Join the Galatic Republic or the Sith Empire, and May the Force Be With You!
    800 points