Watch Bounce Jacksonville
on Channel 17.2 and Comcast 225!

6:00am  Catch 21
7:00am  The Newlywed Game
8:00am  The Parent 'Hood
9:00am  A Different World
10:00am  Roc
11:00am  Movies
5:00pm  Half & Half
6:00pm  The Parent 'Hood
7:00pm  The Hughleys
8:00pm  The Bernie Mac Show
9:00pm  Movies and Bounce Originals

6:00am  The Black College Quiz
6:30am  American Bible Challenge
7:30am  Catch 21
8:30am  The Newlywed Game
9:00am  Bounce Beats
10:00am  Awesome Adventures  e/i
10:30am  Live Life and Win!  e/i
11:00am  Animal Atlas  e/i
11:30am  Awesome Adventures  e/i
12:00pm  Movies and Bounce Originals

8:00am  The Newlywed Game
9:00am  Catch 21
10:00am  Live Life and Win!  e/i
10:30am  The Real Winning Edge  e/i
11:00am  Movies and Bounce Originals

Bless The Mic:  Sundays at 7:00pm
Bless the Mic is a venue for spirit-filled Christian artists to display their God-given talents. If you are a singer, worship or hip-hop dancer etc. and you want to share your ministry, then we're looking for you. Remember, it is our purpose is to enlighten and bring hope to all people. Our mission is to win souls for Christ and to build up, invoke and inspire the believer to shine their light in a dark world. For details on how to be a guest call 904.307.8347.  

Life and Grind:  Sundays at 8:00pm
Life and Grind is about the independent grinds and hustles of Jacksonville’s local entertainment entrepreneurs. 

Music 4 U:  Sundays at 8:30pm
Each week, the show’s creator and host, Kojo, will interview positive artists, entertainers and personalities in the Jacksonville community and across Northeast Florida.  Kojo, a Kentucky native, came to Jacksonville with a passion for music, and a love for the city. After encountering a few setbacks in his own music career, he developed the vision for a show that would provide exposure for local artists.